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From hotels and travel platforms like Expedia, to airlines and vacation packages, travel affiliate programs are more popular than ever.

Travel affiliate programs are a fun way to create a unique experience for your readers and offer an endless supply of customizable options. Commissions are typically either paid at booking, or when a visitor checks out of their hotel and their purchase is confirmed.

Here are my picks for the best high paying travel affiliate programs.


TripAdvisor is a popular travel site that’s primarily known for their local reviews of things to do, and they also allow you to book hotels, vacation packages, restaurant reservations, and more. They offer an incredible 50% per sale with a decent cookie duration of 14 days. Based on their referral fees, they are my #1 choice for the best travel affiliate program.


Travelpayouts calls themselves The Ideal Travel Affiliate Program to Monetize Your Travel Website and I have to agree. They cover a wide range of services and integrate other travel affiliate programs like, Airbnb,, and more. Their travel affiliate marketing platform offers up to an 80% commission, but the average is 1.6% for flights and 6% for hotel bookings. Their cookie duration is 30 days.


Expedia is a major global travel brand that actually is the parent company of others on this list. They allow their affiliates to promote over 260,000 bookable properties with 150 websites in 70+ countries. Based on their website reach and network of properties, they are #2 on my list.


Marriott is another hotel brand offering a large selection of hotels to promote in their affiliate program. They offer 3% per sale for vacation packages and 4-6% per sale for hotels. They provide a cookie length of 7 days.


Travelocity is a travel platform known for their price match guarantee and affordable prices. They offer a 2-4% commission per sale in their affiliate program and offer a generous 45-day cookie length.


Priceline is known for their cheap deals on hotels, flights, and more. They offer a 3-5% commission per sale and a 30-day cookie duration.

7. HOTELS.COM is another hotel affiliate program that offers localized service with 85 websites in 35 languages. They also have over 15 million members in their rewards program. They offer a 4% commission per sale and a 7-day cookie duration.


Hilton is a global hotel brand that offers luxury hotel stays and a wide range of hotels to choose from. They offer a 4% commission per sale and their cookie length is 7 days.


Hotwire offers last minute travel deals, and access to cheap flights and hotels. Their travel affiliate program gives 2% per sale with a 7-day cookie.

10. BOOKING.COM offers flights, hotels, car rentals, and airport taxis. By joining their affiliate program, you get access to over 2.2 million properties and they offer 4% per sale, but there is a downside as the cookie expires when a user closes their browser.

1. TripAdvisorTravel Platform50% per sale14 days
2. TravelpayoutsAffiliate NetworkUp to 80% per sale30 days
3. ExpediaTravel Platform2-6% per sale7 days
4. MarriottHotels3-6% per sale7 days
5. TravelocityTravel Platform2-4% per sale45 days
6. PricelineTravel Platform3-5% per sale30 days
7. Hotels.comHotels4% per sale7 days
8. HiltonHotels4% per sale7 days
9. HotwireTravel Platform2% per sale7 days
10. Booking.comHotels4% per saleOn browser close
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